No. 6(26) December/ 2010

In the current issue:
Celebrating the 5th anniversary of magazine “Foto Kvartāls”, art critics, curators, photographers and contributors comment on the role of the magazine in Latvian culture and art scene. The celebration is followed by an important announcement from the editors: due to lacking financial support, the current issue of "Foto Kvartāls" is the last printed issue of the magazine by now. However, you will be able to view all issues of the magazine online through our publisher's website while our website from January 2011 will become a new platform of virtual communication for local photographers.
Nevertheless, we have a set of brilliant essays and artworks for our December issue. A comprehensive research by art historian Līga Lindenbauma closes “Foto Kvartāls” series of “20th Century Heritage”. The research unveils previously overlooked movements in Latvian photography during Soviet period, from the 1960s till early 1980s. Some of the work uncovered by Līga Lindenbauma is on display at the pioneering exhibition of unpublished works from Soviet period in Riga Art Space.
In section “21st Century Works” Michelle Marie Roy, Chief Curator of Stockholm's brand new photography museum Fotografiska, talks about politics of the museum as well as on her own creative work. American photographer Phillip Toledano unveils a lot about his approaches and practices.  Latvian photographer Vilnis Vītoliņš lets our readers to cast a glimpse on his upcoming solo exhibition 100 rooms, which will start the cycle of Latvian and East European contemporary art exhibitions marking out the vision of the future Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art. Dr. Matthias Harder, the curator of Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin, introduces German artist Gudrun Kemsa. At last, two young and upcoming photographers present their latest work: Belarusian documentary photographer Andrei Liankevich and Latvian photographer Roman Drits.
We share our opinion on this year's edition Paris Photo and its interest in photography of Central European photography that has seriously influenced Latvian photography back in 1960s.  Trying to follow Martin Parr's idea, we uncover the highlights from Brighton Photo Biennial. Art critics have been reviewing a highly successful solo exhibition by a photographer and graphic designer Reinis Hofmanis. Latvian Museum of Photography features Body, a group exhibition by German contemporary photographers. 
The editors wish to thank all our readers for your interest and trust! We also thank all the critics, artists, photographers and all our partners who contributed to the magazine. See you at!